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Career Guidance and Counselling Services

Personalized for Individuals from 15 to 50 Years of Age.
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    Benefits of Right Career Guidance

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    More Marks and Higher Rank
    Admission to Top Universities
    Right Job Placement
    Fast-track Career Growth
    Successful and a Happy Life
    Study at Your Own Pace

    1000s of Degrees
    1000s of Specialization
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    Interior Designing, Performing Arts, Counselling, Journalism, Teaching, Civil Services, Entrepreneur, Law, Culinary Arts, Social Worker, Linguistics, Creative Arts, Hotel Management, etc.


    Engineering, Computer Programming, Construction, Machining, Applied Sciences, Earth Sciences, Scientific Research, Information Technology, Life Sciences, Aviation, Astronomy, Health Sciences, Architecture, etc.


    Stock Market, Company Secretary, Accounting, Insurance, CA, Entrepreneur, Investment, Civil Services, BPO, Auditing, Taxation, Chartered Financial Analyst, etc.

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    Why Choose Us?

    We Are ISO 9001:2015 Certified

    At Mastishkam India, we specialize in career counseling and psychometric testing services designed to empower individuals in their professional journey. Our mission is to guide individuals towards fulfilling careers aligned with their unique skills, interests, and aspirations.

    1. **Personalized Counseling:** Our experienced career counselors engage in one-on-one sessions to understand each individual’s strengths, weaknesses, and career goals.

    2. **Comprehensive Psychometric Testing:** We utilize state-of-the-art psychometric assessments to provide insightful analysis of personality traits, aptitudes, and interests, aiding in informed career decision-making.

    3. **Expert Guidance:** Our team of certified psychologists and career experts offer personalized guidance, interpreting test results and providing tailored career recommendations.

    4. **Holistic Approach:** We take a holistic approach, considering not only academic qualifications but also personal values, lifestyle preferences, and market trends to ensure long-term career satisfaction.

    5. **Continuous Support:** Our commitment extends beyond initial consultations, as we provide ongoing support and resources to help individuals navigate their career paths with confidence.

    With Mastishkam India, embark on a journey of self-discovery and unlock your true potential for a successful and fulfilling career.

    • More than 20% students in a class are either suffering from Reading or Learning Disabilities. 
    • 90% of Dyslexia and Dyscalculia suffering students do not get any professional help on account of ignorance or lack of awareness. 
    • 80% Learning Disabilities can be managed and treated if proper intervention is provided at the right age. 
    • Less than 1% Indian Schools do primary screening of students to assess or ascertain if their students face any learning disability which could be hampering their academic growth. 

    • Cognitive Education is imparted at School Level in Western Education Systems, unlike in India where Schools have no mechanism to incorporate Cognitive Education in Learning. 
    • Students with exposure to Cognitive Education & Brain Development Techniques at the right age are 92% more likely to succeed at Graduate Levels and above. 
    • Only 1% Students in India undergo any formal Cognitive Brain Development Program to augment Critical Thinking and 150+ Other Cognitive Skills. 
    • There are more than 150+ Cognitive Skills which need to be developed in Kids aged 6+. 

    1. Know yourself (Strength & Potential) – Nurture it to full extend – Create a path to successful and happy life. 
    2. Understand the child’s Ability, Potential and interests. 
    3. Being a parent we should know our child first and then show our parenting skills to help them in becoming successful. 
    4. Select best suited career based on Interest, Personality, Emotional Quotient, Skill & Ability. 
    5. Invest your time & money towards right education. 

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    I'd enrolled for myself and I can see a positive change in myself in an every aspect. Their guidance has helped me not only in my career but in personal development also. My optimism, confidence and learning pattern has changed tremendously in a more systematic way. I'm lucky I found these guys, where the teachers are too good. And the best part is the their methodology of teaching and learning process. Thank you so much Mastishkam
    Utkarsha jain
    I'd a wonderful experience with Mastishkam. The coaching, the teachers and their way of expertise and educational transforming has help my daughter a lot. I've never seen her more sorted and hassle free. I feel more happy seeing her satisfaction. Thank you Mastishkam for such a huge help. I'm glad I came across you. Best wishes from me.
    Aditya Joshi
    I'd enrolled into Mastishkam for my son, and to be honest I was amazed with the results. My son is more clear headed and genuinely happy with their help. I was very concerned regarding his career options and now they've been like an eye-opener to me and I've more sense of relief than I'd ever have. I'm happy with their way of work.
    Devisingh Chauhan
    Mastishkam helped with my stress related to career related hurdles. Their approach is very optimistic and easy. They helped me at every level. Thank you
    Sakshi Thakur
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