Learning for Life Programme 


Education is the only primary agent which can help individuals overcome income barriers, and expand the horizon of the community when it comes to making career choices, personal growth, build confidence, and a sustained development in well-being. As a Result Learning For Life Program strives to deliver education that is of global competency which would help the Students to broaden their career choices and fulfill their dreams. 

What is LLP

Psychometric Test

Discover your career decisions through our online psychometric test.


Group interactions with psychologists and counsellors on specific themes to work on common challenges 


  • Career counselling
  • Academic counselling
  • Personal counselling

We work on the following accepts of the Students

Logical reasoning and problem solving ability

Possibility for high demanding jobs

Career Analysis

Overall academic comfort and level

Multiple Intelligence Profile

Learning Style


Career choices on the basis of lifestyle

Knowing one’s’ expectations from a job

Knowing one’s’ expectations from a job

Aiming for future growth

Social Development

Understand one’s comfort and discomfort

Know the strengths and prepare for perceived challenges

Understand the Environment

Processing in chosen field

Understand the child for parents and teacher

Workshops and Seminar’s

Teacher Training

Stress Management


To select certain courses and career

Three Session Of Counselling On The Basis of Test Result

Personal counseling

It increases awareness of ones own feeling, thoughts and behaviors, leading to better life

Career counseling

It includes career exploration, making career choices, managing career changes, lifelong career development and dealing with other career related issues. 

Academic counseling

It provides advice and assistance to students to improve study skills and to deal with school related problems that interfere with performance. 

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